Current Group Members

JeongGil Ko (Faculty)

JaeYeon Park (Ph.D. Student)

  • Research Intern, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), 2019

Jaewon Choi (Ph.D. Student)

  • Intern, Naver, 2017
  • Best Demo Award, ACM HotMobile 2019

Eunseong Boo (Ph.D. Student)

Jungmo Ahn (Ph.D. Student @ Ajou)

  • Co-advised with Prof. Jeongseob Ahn (Ajou)
  • Visiting Researcher, Singapore Management University, 2017
  • NRF Global Ph.D. Fellow, 2018

HyeonJung Park (M.S. Student)

  • Visiting Researcher, Keio University, 2018

Sungmin Lee (Undergraduate Intern Student)

Seohyun Min (Intern Student)

Alumni and Previous Visiting Members

JaeYeon Park

M.S. 2020

PhD Program

Jaewon Choi

M.S. 2020

PhD Program

Eunseong Boo

M.S. 2020

PhD Program

Seungmin Kim

M.S. 2020

Military Service

HyeonJung Park

B.S. 2019

Masters Program

Sinh Nguyen Phan Huynh

Visiting Ph.D. Student, 2019

(Singapore Management Univ.)

PhD Program

Woojin Nam

M.S. 2019

Hyuksang Kwon

M.S. 2018

Military Service

Nakhyun Kim

M.S. 2016

Taewoo Kim

B.S. 2019

Sun Kyo Jeong

B.S. 2017

Taehwan Kim

Visiting Student, 2017


Youngki Lee (Seoul National University)

Sung-Ju Lee (KAIST)

Hyogon Kim (Korea University)

Jeongyeup Paek (Chung-Ang University)

Kyungsik Han (Ajou University)

Jeongseob Ahn (Ajou University)

Rajesh K. Balan (Singapore Management University)

Hyung-Sin Kim (UC Berkeley)

Thiemo Voigt (Swedish Institute of Computer Science / Uppsala University)

Shahid Raza (Swedish Institute of Computer Science / Uppsala University)

Tadashi Okoshi (Keio University)

Seonghoon Ivan Kim (UMass Amherst)

Branislav Kusy (CSIRO)