Embedded Intelligent Systems Laboratory

at Yonsei University

연세대학교 지능형임베디드시스템 연구실

Welcome to the Embedded Intelligent Systems Laboratory at the School of Integrated Technology, Yonsei University!

연세대학교 공과대학 글로벌융합공학부 지능형임베디드시스템 연구실 방문을 환영합니다!

We are interested in a broad range of research topics within the domain of mobile and embedded computing systems, cyber physical systems, intelligent computing and human-computer interaction. Overall, we are interested in how we can design various forms of computing systems in a human-centered manner.

The basis of our research is in identifying interesting system-level requirements for real-world computing applications, and spans to designing hardware/software prototypes for addressing challenging application tasks. Specifically, our lab focuses on research topics such as low-power mobile and embedded computing systems, sensing-based context recognition systems, and ambient intelligent sensing system design for applications such as healthcare, transportation or buildings.

We are always on the search for devoted students to join our research group. If you are interested in building smart embedded systems and performing research in this domain, please send us (anyone in the lab) an email! Note that we have limited spaces for students, so make sure that you are willing to work hard and have strong programming skills (C, Java, Python or whatever language you like the best) before contacting us.

[Note: We currently have no PhD student openings for 2020 (spring and fall), but we are still looking for MS students and Postdocs interested in our group. For students that wish to pursue a PhD, please check back for Spring 2021 admissions in late 2020.]

Recent News and Lab Log


  • Hyunjun will be presenting his poster on applying homomorphic encryption to contact tracing systems at ACM SenSys 2020. Congratulations!


  • Our paper on classifying the accuracy of heart rate measurements of smart wearables has been accepted to IEEE Access! Congratulations Jungmo!

  • We have published the Yonsei Korean Sign Language (KSL) Dataset. Refer to this page to request data.

  • JeongGil will be serving as a PC member and Associate Chair for ACM CSCW 2021.

  • Our paper on exploiting light-weight deep learning models on embedded GPUs for reckless driving detection has been accepted to IEEE MASS 2020! Congratulations Woojin!


  • JeongGil will be serving as a PC member for IEEE PerHealth 2021.

  • Our paper on designing a virtual reality-based system for testing children with intermittent exotropia has been accepted to Eye! Congratulations Jaewon!

  • Sungmin has been accepted to the Ph.D. program at Yonsei and will be joining our lab as a Ph.D. student next spring! Congratulations!

  • Our lab alumni Hyuksang has moved to Alchera, a AI and AR startup at Pangyo. Congratulations on the new position!


  • JeongGil will be serving as a TPC member for EWSN 2021.

  • Jaeyeon's paper on designing a deep learning model for predicting ECG from mattress vibrations (HeartQuake) has been accepted to ACM IMWUT and will be presented at ACM Ubicomp 2020! Congratulations!

  • MInjae will be joining our lab as an undergraduate intern student. Welcome!

  • JeongGil will be serving as a TPC member for ACM/IEEE IPSN 2021.


  • JeongGil will be joining the editorial board of KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems as Editor and Area Editor.

  • JeongGil will be serving as publicity chair for ACM MobiCom 2021.

  • Sungmin will be joining Zezedu, an AI-based smart education system designing startup, for his summer internship!


  • Our paper on image suggestion for mobile chat conversations will be presented at ACM MobileHCI 2020.

  • Our IT Research Center (ITRC) proposal has been accepted! This is an 8 year project on designing various intelligent systems for clinical image data.

  • Seungmin and Woojin visited Yonsei to celebrate teacher's day! Thank you for coming!

  • JeongGil joins the editorial board of Frontiers in Communications and Networks as an associate editor.


  • Sinh joined our lab once again, this time as a post-doctoral researcher. Welcome back Sinh!

  • Hyunjun will be joining our research group as an undergraduate intern. Welcome!

  • JeongGil will be serving as the publicity chair for EWSN 2021.


  • Jaeyeon, Jaewon, Eunsung, and Seungmin graduated with their masters degree from Ajou University! Congratulations! Jaeyeon, Jaewon, and Eunseong will be continuing their research as Ph.D. students at Yonsei University.

  • Jaewon will be joining Nokia Bell Labs UK for his summer internship! Congratulations!

  • JeongGil will be serving on the TPC for ACM SenSys 2020.


  • Seungmin will be joining RTST, an ETRI startup focusing on real-time embedded systems, as part of his mandatory military service. Congratulations!

  • Seohyun will be joining our lab as an intern researcher.

  • Congratulations to HyeonJung on receiving the Best Paper Runner Up Award at IEEE/ACM COMSNETS 2020!

Previous news and lab log (from 2015) can be found here

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