Mobile Computing

Spring 2020

This document includes the reading list for the mobile systems and applications course. This reading list was compiled so that various areas of mobile computing can be comprehensively covered. The papers to be presented in class are must-read. Other papers are optional but I encourage you to read them as well. This course was designed together with Prof. Youngki Lee at Seoul National University.

Week 1: Class Intro & Innovative applications (No Paper Presentation)

How to Read a Paper, S. Keshav, [ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review ’07]

Ubicomp Systems at 20: Progress, Opportunities, and Challenges, Ramon Caceres, Adrian Friday [IEEE Pervasive Computing ’12]

Week 2: Human Behavior and Context Sensing

A Survey of Mobile Phone Sensing [IEEE Computer Magazine ’10] (This paper is just for reading, not for presentation)

The Jigsaw Continuous Sensing Engine for Mobile Phone Application [ACM SenSys ’10]

A practical approach for recognizing eating moments with wrist-mounted inertial sensing, [ACM UbiComp ’15]

Accurate,Fast Fall Detection Using Gyroscopes and Accelerometer-Derived Posture Information [IEEE BSN ’09]

Week 3: Pervasive Healthcare

Assessing Mental Health, Academic Performance and Behavioral Trends of College Students using Smartphones [ACM UbiComp ’14]

Contactless Sleep Apnea Detection on Smartphones [ACM MobiSys ’15]

DoppleSleep: A Contactless Unobtrusive Sleep Sensing System Using Short-Range Doppler Radar [ACM UbiComp ‘15]

Emotion Recognition using Wireless Signals [ACM MobiCom ’16]

Week 4: Indoor Localization and Analytics

Zee: Zero-Effort Crowdsourcing for Indoor Localization [ACM MobiCom ’12]

Need Accurate User Behavior? Pay Attention to Groups! [ACM UbiComp ‘15]

QueueVadis: queuing analytics using smartphones [ACM/IEEE IPSN ’15]

Unsupervised Indoor Localization [ACM MobiSys ’12]

Week 5: Mobility Big Data (GPS, Mobility Modelling, and Privacy)

Tracking Drone Orientation with Multiple GPS Receiver [ACM MobiCom ’16]

Mobility Modeling and Prediction in Bike-Sharing Systems [ACM MobiSys ’16]

Trajectories of depression: unobtrusive monitoring of depressive states by means of smartphone mobility traces analysis [ACM UbiComp ’15]

Real-time trip information service for a large taxi fleet [ACM MobiSys ’11]

Week 6: Invited Talk (Speaker: TBD)

Week 7: Mobile Graphics and Systems

Graphics-aware Power Governing for Mobile Devices [ACM MobiSys '19]

RAVEN: Perception-aware Optimization of Power Consumption for Mobile Games [ACM Mobicom '17]

GLEAM: An illumination estimation framework for real-time photorealistic augmented reality on mobile devices [ACM MobiSys '19]

Week 8: Midterm Exam Week

Week 9: Computational Social Science

The Social fMRI: Measuring, Understanding, and Designing Social Mechanisms in the Real World [ACM UbiComp ’11]

Smartphones for large-scale behavior change interventions [IEEE Pervasive ’13]

LiveLabs: Building In-Situ Mobile Sensing & Behavioural Experimentation TestBeds [ACM MobiSys ’16]

EngageMon: Multi-Modal Engagement Sensing for Mobile Games [ACM UbiComp ’18]

Week 10: Innovative Design and Development Tools

Where is the energy spent inside my app? Fine Grained Energy Accounting on Smartphones with Eprof [EuroSys ‘12]

PUMA: Programmable UI-Automation for Large-Scale Dynamic Analysis of Mobile Apps [ACM MobiSys ‘14]

AMC: verifying user interface properties for vehicular applications [ACM MobiSys ‘13]

Automatic and scalable fault detection for mobile applications [ACM MobiSys ‘14]

Week 11: Power-aware System Design and Optimization

Chameleon: A Color-Adaptive Web Browser for Mobile OLED Displays [ACM Mobisys ’11]

Avoiding the Rush Hours: WiFi Energy Management via Traffic Isolation [ACM Mobisys ‘11]

Energy-Efficient Rate-Adaptive GPS-based Positioning for Smartphones, [ACM MobiSys ‘10]

Energy Characterization and Optimization of Image Sensing Toward Continuous Mobile Vision [ACM MobiSys ‘13]

Week 12: Mobile and Embedded Deep Learning

DeepEar: Robust Smartphone Audio Sensing in Unconstrained Acoustic Environments using Deep Learning [ACM UbiComp 15]

MCDNN: An Approximation-Based Execution Framework for Deep Stream Processing Under Resource Constraints [ACM MobiSys ‘16]

DeepASL:Enabling Ubiquitous and Non-Intrusive Word and sentence-Level Sign Language Translation [ACM SenSys ‘17]

Sparsification and Separation of Deep Learning Layers for Constrained Resource Inference on Wearables [ACM SenSys 2016]

Week 13: Invited Talk (TBD)

Week 14: Mobile Cloud and Edge Computing

MAUI: Making Smartphones Last Longer with Code Offload, [ACM Mobisys ‘10].

CloneCloud: Elastic Execution Between Mobile Device and Cloud [Eurosys ‘11].

The Case for VM-Based Cloudlets in Mobile Computing [IEEE Pervasive Computing, ‘09]. (This paper is just for reading, not for presentation)

Week 15: Reading Period

Week 16: Final Exam